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Starting from 1st of January 2017 the price list at Arigato will go through a modification

We are honored to present the upgrades we have been able to deliver this season at Arigato. We have brand new, state of the art gym equipment. We are the only gym in Estonia that offers the use of the unique and effective Skillmills and we have built some new opportunities to conduct different types of group trainings, in both, the first and the second floor gyms.

It is crucial for us that we are able to offer flexibility and quality to our customers. We are working very hard to be even better at that every day. Our services include only flexible gym packages, that allow a longer term payent breaks and we choose to be flexible in all areas of the customer service we provide.

A few years ago we modified our price model to match the need on the market and the service we offered back then, going down with the prices. Today we are in need of new price list modification based on the market and the upgrade of the facility.

Due to this the changes in the choice of the packages and in the price list have been made. The new price list is available at our web site: http://www.arigato.ee/est/spordiklubi/hinnakiri-uus